A look back at 2020 for FModernSociety

Man oh man, has it been a year! Talking about stepping outside your comfort zone. If I could sum up 2020 in one word it would it: adaptability. 

FModernSociety has been around since 2018. Have I been working on it since 2018? Yes, but have I have been working on it constantly? Nah. That is ok though. I was discouraged. I set everything up assuming that it would run itself and that failed…miserably. It's all about perception right?

Took time off to really understand what it meant to actually be a business owner and an entrepreneur than Bam 2020 happened. I found myself unemployed, stressed out and a head full of ideas to fill the day with. Unemployment has at an all time high and were months behind, I needed a way to make cash. I had ordered jewelry pieces from China months prior which had become delayed due to the “whole world ending.” The sole purpose for me creating these earrings was for me, but I had no need for 15 pairs of earrings in the middle of a global shutdown, LOL. I posted them on Instagram and in less than 24 hours they were all sold out! Amazing!! I could eat for the week, LOL, but seriously. I ordered more parts and again, sold out in less than 24 hours. This was a sign to the endless possibilities that not only I had but FModernSociety as a business.

A few months later, the homies over at the Village Cafe in Union Market were celebrating their two year opening anniversary and they wanted to add a retail space and after tossing around some ideas FModernSociety is in store!! 



A few weeks later, a dear friend from High school asked me to be a feature on a podcast and next think you know I’m on Apple Podcast! Click here to listen to Boundless Body Podcast!


This year taught me about creating a community you can thrive in by authentic connections. 2020, for me, was about pushing yourself out of my comfort zone and adapting to life. The time that I needed to get my thoughts together and be able to share my love of creativity with you all, and I am excited to see what 2021 will teach me. Although 2020 wasn’t the year that I wanted, it was the year that I needed.